Sunday, May 5, 2013

Things They Say: Spring Has Sprung Edition

Yesterday afternoon, after a day full of biking, squirt-gun fights, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, frozen yogurt, eating outside:

Jemma: This was a really good day.
Me: It was, wasn't it?
Jemma: I'm mostly happy when it's warm and sunny, and grumpy when it's cold and dark.
Me: You, me, and the rest of the world, babe.


This morning, playing at the park after a picnic breakfast, Jason was wearing an unfortunate baseball cap that was too high and made his head look strange. I was teasing him, and he turned it around to wear it backwards, at which point I was trying to figure out who or what he looked like.

Jemma: A baker?
Me: . . . No . . .
Annie: I know who he looks like! Caillou! Ah ha hah!

(He took it off.)

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