Friday, May 3, 2013

Right Now

:: listening to the birds chirping outside the dining room windows.

:: taking Instagrams of the magnolia trees in full bloom, waning daffodils, and my first tulips in the yard.

:: coping with the accompanying pollen-related allergy issues.

:: knowing I'm going to be sore from a tough yoga class this morning.

:: hydrating for tomorrow's last long run before the 25K.

:: procrastinating a few little writing assignments that need to get done before this event next Thursday.

:: wondering if it would be so wrong to make pineapple mojitos for the third night in a row.

:: wishing the laundry would fold itself.

:: feeling proud of my little writer and the great poetry she shared at yesterday's reading.

:: still giggling at Jemma's television debut this morning, announcing "This is FOX 17 morning news" before her class was featured on air to honor her teacher.

:: slowly learning just how much you find out by driving carpool.

:: looking forward to the weekend: soccer game, baking, piano recital, a little surprise date with a certain 8-year-old, gardening, grandparents, and friends.

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