Friday, May 31, 2013

Good Things, May 2013

Chasing it down

Little poet in her classroom

Blowing bubbles with neighbors

Piano recital on a lovely grand

Camping and fishing

Magnolia tree blooming

Date night with my little pianist to see some jazz

Family bike rides

More bubbles . . .

Breakfast with the tadpoles

Meijer Gardens with a buddy

When your butt fits into the hot tub filter

One overwhelming, fantastic day

The duck poutine at Winchester with a tiny dark beer

Running the Riverbank run to raise money for a great cause

Mother's Day means breakfast in bed

Lilacs (my favorite)

Shaved asparagus pizza from Smitten Kitchen (plus pancetta)

The moment when they get home from school

My tulips

Reading Harry Potter on the porch


Post-hot tub s'mores with friends

Enjoying the new patio furniture in the sunshine

And enjoying the box, too

Reading while eating a spoonful of frosting

Chocolate cake for my dad's birthday

Brothers playing together

These two sharing a love of music

Afternoon reading with the cats at her feet

Sneaking in a trip to the pool just before bedtime on a Thursday

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