Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Good Things, March 2012

Miso salmon, soba noodles, best green beans;

what Jemma does in an airport when she's tired of traveling;

bathing suit butts, mid-air;

doing cartwheels in the grass;

doing a puzzle in your underwear while your parents sneak in a nap;


coming home from getting Shamrock shakes on St. Patrick's Day to find jellybeans from the leprechauns;

digging out an old Cosmo/Sib St. Patty's Day party shirt and wearing it for old times' sake;

spending a day at the beach in March;

and hiking Mount Baldy after plenty of Kilwin's ice cream;

Laura Ingalls Wilder come to life in the 2nd grade wax museum;

bringing all the library books outside on a sunny Sunday afternoon;

drawing a picture of yourself holding up a picture in the kitchen, then asking your mom to take a picture of you holding it up;

little ladies with flowers in their hair;

making marks in the sand, and plenty of memories, too.

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