Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Mega 80's

There is a band that comes to town every other month or so and plays at a local venue.  They are called Mega 80's, and for $12.50 and a bunch of blue eyeshadow, you can be transported back in time twenty-five years while the (hot) lead singer wears an Atari t-shirt and sings a billion songs in a row without stopping.  Somehow you know the words to all of them without even thinking.  Want to see them?  Here's how to do it right:

Before you go, have your friend Katie come over to do your eye make-up.  Be jealous of her vintage plastic charm necklace.  Wear clothes you found without any trouble at Forever 21.  Feel alarmed that most of the 15-year-old girls shopping at the store were buying the clothes to wear and not for an 80's party.  Bust out the side ponytail.

Photo by Annie
 At the pre-party, pose for photos with your husband and try not to giggle at his eyeliner or his jeans, which are women's size 7/8 and the envy of many other party guests.
The back view?  Even better. 
Thank your hosts, who are a mismatched pair but authentic nonetheless:  a Madonna from her brown-hair period and a homage to an 80's football coach, complete with mullet wig and "Coach Gary" ironed on the back of the shirt.

Take one last photo before hopping in the cab downtown . . .

  . . . and then dance your butt off for four hours straight.

Please note Jason's mouth.
Have a stealth hangover the next day, the kind where your body bings! awake at 6:00 a.m. for no good reason, feels tired but okay, and then falls apart slowly over the next several hours until your stomach is mad, your head is pounding, and you are sweating and struggling to remain vertical in the deli line after you walked to the grocery store.

Start planning when you will do it again, now that you have the outfit and all, because it was the most fun you've had in months.


  1. Gosh this sounds totally awesome:) Seriously...my kind of night!

  2. Kellie - They are based out of Lansing and play at The Magic Bag in Ferndale often, too. Go see them!

  3. Please sign me up for this. (Also, remember in college when a heavy night of drinking resulted in something like 10 solid hours of restorative sleep? Yeah, not anymore.)