Wednesday, September 21, 2011

First Day of Fall

:: crisp air, clouds mixed with sunshine, and a swift breeze for staying at the playground after school.

:: Jason talking to Jemma's preschool class about healthy teeth, with all the tangents and blurted-out stories and hilarious questions you'd expect.

:: a new Everyday Food, a new O Magazine, and an unscheduled night to sit on the front porch and page through.

:: dinner at Rose's, just me and my girls, and time to talk about reading groups, birds, I Spy, olive oil, multiplication, dance, piano, friends, and food with their curious little selves.

:: a new skirt from a sale rack.

:: girls giggling together over a Halloween catalog after dinner, and little wet heads reading Robert Munsch on the couch after baths.

:: Annie persistently practicing her first piano song with both hands playing different parts.

:: packing the very tired little girls off to bed extra-early, crossing fingers for a happier and more-rested household tomorrow morning, and looking forward to the Modern Family season premiere and the very last of the butter pecan ice cream in the freezer.

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