Thursday, March 24, 2011

Right Now

It's almost 8:00 at night but the sun's last rays still shine into the dining room as I sit at the table typing.  I wish it had been twenty degrees warmer to day (highs in the 30's?  At the end of March?), but, you know, it is hard to complain after a day filled with baking whole-wheat chocolate chip cookies with Jemma, two rounds of parent-teacher conferences FULL of good and happy reports, more sunshine than we've seen in days, and dinner with my husband at Brewery Vivant.

I got there before he did (I came from Annie's conference, he came from work, where he'd stayed to deal with some last-minute patient situations) and so I sat in the booth, sipping a beer, getting caught up on e-mail and texts.  I looked up, though, just as he was making his way into the room - before he saw where I was sitting, before he caught my eye and headed toward me - and my heart caught just a little at the sight of him in a navy wool coat and a blue dress shirt, my cute husband, going on twelve years now.

So today I'm thankful for him, and for the two girls we have together, and for being able to talk summer plans and finances over french fries, and for coming home to pick up a million game pieces after the babysitter leaves, and for kissing little extra-round cheeks as I tell bright faces how exceptionally proud I am of them, and for reading The Paper Bag Princess in my bed and doing the voices as ridiculously as possible, and for singing the night-night song, and for the prospect of a weekend together here at home, full of friends for dinner and little-kid birthday parties and running outside and yoga and (pictures to follow, if you are lucky) partying like it's 1999.  June 19, 1999, specifically.  Should be fun.

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  1. I have had that same caught-heart feeling upon seeing John from a distance, and it's such a special one. :)