Monday, March 14, 2011

Read Elsewhere: The State of the World

This laugh-out-loud post from Dooce, reminding me why I still read her and why life with kids is continually humiliating, hilarious, and unpredictable.

This little post by Ruth Reichl of Gourmet fame on why saying "a big yes" matters, even - especially - in the face of disaster.

This passage from Poser (and then I will stop with the yoga-book-quoting, I promise), which hits one of my very worst tendencies squarely on the nose and, I think, sums up modern mothering pretty well (emphasis mine):

"I judged Lisa and any other mother who came within my range.  The next-door neighbors put their kids to bed too early; the people down the street put their kids to bed too late.  The friend who lived near Green Lake was overly fussy about organic baby food; the friend on Queen Anne Hill was not fussy enough.  Friend A dressed her baby in designer clothes, which was ridiculous.  Friend B let her kids go around looking like slobs.  I felt there must be a happy medium to parenting, and I felt that I was the very barometer of that happy medium.  Anything that someone else did that I did not do was, to me, excessive and probably crazy.  My strongly held opinions about parenting were like an elaborate carapace for my insecurities."

This quote from Jon Stewart, which pretty much sums up my disappointment at the fact that prisons like Guantanamo still exist:  “I always thought the point of evidence was that if you didn’t have enough, you’re not allowed to keep them in prison. It’s one of the many differences we have in this country between prisons and zoos. You don’t really need anything on an aardvark.”

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