Monday, March 21, 2011

Good Things, March 2010

Big blue eyes;

Tuesday night tradition:  breakfast-for-dinner;

Jemma, post-rest-time;

and Jemma, post-circus-day-at-preschool;

more Meatless Mondays;

Annie reading her newest library book to Jemma just after school (and the cutest jean-butt ever);

more bath bombs;

the perfect breakfast:  Zingerman's pecan-raisin bread, toasted, with coffee;

sneaking in a grown-up one-nighter to Chicago, complete with dinner at Avec and lunch at Goose Island;

matching fourth-of-July dresses, busted out in March on the same day, so as to "be triplets;"

watching my friend bravely check one off the Life List by rocking a hilarious five-minute stand-up routine for LaughFest.

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