Sunday, October 17, 2010

Time Flew

I'm standing in my dark kitchen just now, printing out the calendar for next week and trying to make a grocery list.  Usual Sunday night tasks for me, but somehow tonight I'm feeling particularly filled up after a busy, fun weekend, and my brain can't quite focus.  We packed about a million things into the last three days, including:

-attending a four-year-old birthday party that featured lots of trampoline-jumping, scavenger hunting, and happy little kids wearing glow necklaces in the car while they looked at the stars through the sunroof on the way home.

-celebrating my brother's birthday by spending this afternoon at Crane's Orchard with my family, then heading back to my parents' for cake, football, and watching the girls color in my old coloring books that my thrifty mom saved all these years (vintage Strawberry Shortcake!  Monchichis!  I almost didn't want to let Jemma scribble in them . . .)

-heading downtown for the kids' marathon and feeling so happy and proud about the fact that - for the first year - both girls ran their little hearts out on the 1.2-mile course.  Jemma gave me five at least ten times after she crossed the finish line, Annie now acts like running more than a mile is no big deal at all, and both girls were absurdly pleased with their medals, and with the ice cream they scored on the post-run refreshment table.

-squeezing in my own run with my favorite running buddy on a gorgeous Saturday morning run around the lake, and supplementing that exercise with biking around the lake with Annie tonight, then walking after dark with a friend, talking house renovations and laughing about the various reasons our kids will be in therapy someday.

-indulging in dinner and drinks with just the girls at Reserve last night, where - even though the food was maybe a little too precious - I was reminded again of how much a great glass of red wine (Shafer One Point Five!) and a no-holds-barred talk with good friends can truly matter.

-listening to the song "While You Were Sleeping" by Elvis Perkins almost every moment I was in the car and having it stuck in my head when I wasn't.  And as the rest of my family is sound asleep right now and I stand alone in my dark kitchen, typing,  it's still stuck in there:

While you were sleeping

Your babies grew,

The stars shined,

And the shadows moved.

Time flew,

The phone rang,

There was a silence

When the kitchen sang.

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