Friday, October 29, 2010

Read Elsewhere: The Power of Detail

From Writing Down the Bones by Natalie Goldberg:

"Our lives are at once ordinary and mythical.  We live and die, age beautifully or full of wrinkles.  We wake in the morning, buy yellow cheese, and hope we have enough money to pay for it.  At the same instant we have these magnificent hearts that pump through all sorrow and all winters we are alive on the earth.  We are important and our lives are important, magnificent really, and their details are worthy to be recorded.  This is how writers must think, this is how we must sit down with pen in hand.  We were here; we are human beings; this is how we lived.  Let it be known, the earth passed before us.  Our details are important."

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  1. THIS is why I write the blog. I sometimes imagine a 35 year old new mom Lucy, crying and laughing at the same time at the stories I write of our life. Maybe I am gone and she reads it as an old woman. Or maybe my granddaughter reads it. It matters. Great quote.