Sunday, October 24, 2010

Good Things, October 2010

One last frolic in Lake Michigan;

painting pumpkins;

playing in a big, beautiful pile of leaves;

reading new library books on a rainy afternoon;

a cozy fall dinner (roast chicken, butternut soup, and stuffing with bacon, leeks, and pecans);

starting the boo in our neighborhood;

sisters running in their first race together (and Annie telling me she'll run a marathon with me someday);

the cow train at Crane's on a Sunday afternoon;

Jemma's deep love of the fire truck (and fireman) that visited her preschool on Thursday (fireman:  "What do you think we do if we see a fire?"  Jemma, with gusto:  "Spray it!", while 90% of the other 3-year-olds hid between their mother's legs from the trauma of it all;

hosting a tailgate party before the high school football game on Friday night, complete with lots of hot dogs and sunshine and beer; taking the family downtown to have passport pictures taken (yay, warm winter vacation!); Williams-Sonoma pumpkin pecan butter; lots of runs, walks, and bikes around the lake at the peak of its fall glory; morning walks to school and afternoons at the playground after Annie comes hurtling out of the building; more than my share of pumpkin spice lattes after yoga on Friday mornings.

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