Thursday, March 21, 2013

News On My End

I had a little email exchange this week with one of my best college girlfriends, someone who I wish I got to talk to more, and, in it, she asked if there was any news on my end. Considering that I write this from my bed at 11:45 a.m. on a snowy Thursday, no. But further considering that I think my avoidance of this space lately is because there's not much cheerfulness to share, I'll share the questionable, the hopefully relatable, the downright depressing news anyway. You know, so as to better wallow in my mild self-pity.

1. I'm training for the Riverbank 25K, a race I've done a few times before. It's a great local race, one that I enjoy, and I'm further glad to be doing it as a part of a group from the girls' school that's raising money to support our principal, a brave woman who's been fighting cancer this school year. But it's a little frustrating that last year, my running partner Sarah and I opted out of training for the race, and that spring was a string of sunny, 70-degree days. THIS YEAR? I keep having to run nine miles in the snow when it's 23 degrees, and I'm over it.

2. Jason, who first of all falls asleep on the couch at 8:30 p.m. every night that Michigan does not play basketball, has been snoring more as of late. Last night I eventually moved out to the couch because he wouldn't stop, and I fell into a fitful, uncomfortable sleep there until one of the cats woke me up at 6:30 a.m. by bad-assing across my face with its hind feet. I now have a lovely red scratch down the right side of my face just in time to meet a bunch of new neighbors on Saturday.

3. Have I mentioned the snow? I took a stand the other day by washing my giant down coat, hanging it firmly in the back of the closet, and declaring that I was going to stop wearing it for the season, as if perhaps by donning my jean jacket or a lightweight trench I could hasten spring along. Then I got stuck standing outside a building for about fifteen minutes on Tuesday night, waiting to be let into my meeting while the wind whipped snow into my insufficiently dressed self. My mom would have strongly disapproved. (I have still not brought the down coat back out, though.)

4. I had this conversation one day with Jemma when the girls were playing detective and wanting to dress in all black:

J: Where is a black hat, so I can wear it?
Me: We don't have a black hat.
J: Yes, we do.
Me: No, we don't.
J: Yes, we do.
Me: Tell me what it looks like. Whose is it?
J:  . . . .
Me: See? We don't have a black hat.
J: But what if we DO have a black hat?
Me: . . . .

5. After hearing people rave for years about how perfect and comfortable and life-changing Lululemon studio pants are, I bought some. Which is a good thing. But the amount of days I wear them? Is not a good thing.

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