Sunday, March 24, 2013

Good Things, February and March 2013

I neglected to write about this when it happened, but Annie performed her entire Suzuki Book 1 piano from memory for a little group recital at our house. She rocked it, and I'm amazed at her ability to work hard and learn quickly when it comes to music.

Jemma and her good buddy J., all spiffed up at their school art gala. (We plan to bring this photo out in about ten years, obviously.)

Above-average Valentine's Day cards . . .

 . . . and our traditional Valentine's Day special breakfast before school:

Jemma, a little tired of the photo-taking at Meijer Gardens:

Hot cocoa in a snowbank "seat" - because why wait to come inside to have the cocoa?

This lovely advance copy appearing on my doorstep:

Spending a lucky week here:

Admitting to Facebook that the eight-year-old's room usually looks like this (and feeling less alone based on the replies):

A drink with my cute husband at a swanky downtown spot we'd never tried before:

The fact that I finally wore this little jacket for the first time after buying it on a trip to Asheville, NC two or three years ago (college girlfriends, aren't you proud?):

Good cups of coffee (and interesting conversation):

The one day a year I advocate a family trip to McDonald's:

Making memories in the kitchen with this girl:

Prepping a great new salad for our annual neighborhood progressive dinner:

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