Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Right Now


:: still feeling a bit teary after yesterdays Veterans' Day assembly at the girls' school. There was Annie, waving a red streamer in the air; there was Jemma, singing her heart out: "When I am older, I will be stronger, You'll call me freedom, Just like the waving flag"; there was a ninety-year-old veteran speaker with profound wisdom and his sense of humor still intact; and there was my dad, smiling and winking at his grandchildren even as he was honored for his years-ago service.

:: grateful to be back on my (hot) yoga mat these last couple of weeks after a summer off.

:: finding myself with a bit of writing or editing to do almost every day, which is just the right balance for me.

:: missing the unseasonably warm weekend we had, which included hiking in the dunes, dipping toes in the lake one last time until spring, raking, hot-tubbing, walking to the grocery store, grilling, running, and gulping in fresh air through open windows.

:: noticing that the kittens have almost entirely taken over my Instagram feed. I don't know what to say about that. Apparently I've become the crazy cat lady. I'm sorry. (I'm not really sorry.)

:: Looking forward to listening to Christmas music (even though I haven't yet purchased a single Christmas gift).

:: Drinking a green smoothie and waiting for the girls to get home from school.

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