Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Good Things, Fall 2012

No installment of Good Things since July?!? Let's remedy that:

One last swim at the outdoor pool

Buddies since birth enjoying ice cream together

Slingshotting into Lake Michigan

Dunes on a Sunday afternoon

Reading as you walk down the sidewalk (and your sister  . . . pretends to be a duck)


Checking out the kindergarten classroom

If you have to go to soccer practice, you might as well show up with some style

Lost-teeth twins!

Having a leeeetle trouble adjusting to the world post-cottage, post-nap

First! Day! of! School!

 . . . and coming out happy at the end of the first day.

Saturday mornings are for soccer.

Getting fancy for my cousin's wedding.

Turning 8 with a chocolate cake and your cousins over.

A glorious college girls' weekend brunch . . .

 . . . and cocktail hour on the lake.

Hilarious possible kitten names.

Snuggling with those kittens.


Annie, learning to use a sharp knife to make applesauce.

Downtown with friends on a Friday night, post-pizza, pre-art exhibits.

Lights in the Night, the best reenactment of Tangled you could hope for.

Sleepovers with buddies.

More Artprize . . .

 . . . and more . . .

 . . . and more.

A lucky, luxurious lunch with my husband (on a weekday!)

We knew it would come to this.

Spider swinging with MC.

Prevailing in 39 degrees and rain to win the soccer game.

Annie's absurd arm strength (she did at least 15). (I can do zero.)

Reading with grandparents.

Dreaming about summer 2013!

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