Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Halfway . . .

 . . . to having the rock-hard arms of Madonna and the zen mind of Ghandi.

Wait. Was that not the promise?

Regardless, I have reached the halfway point in the 30-day yoga challenge, and I remain committed. I actually had to miss class yesterday (thanks, pinkeye!) and go to two classes today to make up for that. It did not kill me, so I assume it made me stronger?

Speaking of cliches (as though a 30-something upper-middle-class housewife rambling on about yoga wasn't enough), I have decided that the prize I will be giving myself when I finish this month o'yoga is an item of Lululemon clothing, which I have so far avoided buying because I'm afraid that what they say is true: this particular brand of $95 yoga pants really is the Best! Thing! Ever!


  1. You look fabulous, Steph! I think the only thing I've done every day for the past 15 days is eat ice cream! But I know I can do it for 30 days!

    Keep it up, Hot Mama!

  2. Oh, lululemon clothing. And, way to go. I don't know how you get there every single day. I'm inspired (for someday).

  3. Oh this made me laugh!

    I have not yet purchased the $98 yoga pants. I await your appraisal.

    Also, I've been reading "The Science of Yoga". Super interesting and highly recommended.