Sunday, July 3, 2011

July, So Far

My Saturday afternoon:  dock, beer, book.

Hilly runs first thing in the morning, two days in a row.

Annie catching her first fish (a small-mouth bass), eating it later that same day.

Afternoon all-out water balloon fight with the cousins and the cousin-dog.

Sunday morning:  church, all crammed together in one pew, fighting over the coloring books; brunch at Bay View Inn; photos on the lawn.

Baking Ina Garten's quintessential flag cake and eight chubby hands placing the raspberries Just So.

Walking down the path to the lake, just bathing suits and crocs.

Watching Jemma cast her line.

Dinner on the deck, late.

Baths in the lake with peppermint soap.

Fireworks outside the window as we go to sleep tonight.

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