Sunday, April 10, 2011

Suddenly Summer

Yesterday morning, that of the glorious run, it was 37 degrees as Sarah and I made our way around the lake.  This afternoon, it was 84 and sunny.  Michigan is weird.

I made cinnamon rolls for breakfast and we lounged in our jammies for an hour or so, e-mailing Jason and playing with babies.  Then we got dressed and headed to the track for an impromptu workout, running sprints and bleachers with a few dips and push-ups thrown in for good measure.  I timed Annie's 400 (1:58) and she timed mine (1:32), and I have two things to say about this.  One, it is not going to be much longer until she is faster than I am.  Two, running that six-minute-mile that's on my Life List is going to be quite the challenge because there is NO WAY I could have run three more laps at that speed.

(Jemma sat on the track and complained about being thirsty, so we did not time her.)

We came home, shed a layer of clothes, hauled the art easel outside and spent the next two hours drawing, blowing bubbles, and riding bikes.  These are the things we do all summer long and I know that by September I'll be sick to death of sidewalk chalk and bike helmets, but today it felt like we could have done those things for weeks and not gotten sick of them.

Nobody wanted to go inside, so we ate a picnic in the front yard and finished up with ice cream.  (Ice cream two days in a row?  Yes.)  We made a feeble attempt at some indoor reading/quiet/rest time, but my heart wasn't in it so we were back outside after I snuck in a shower and threw in one load of laundry.  I'm suddenly remembering why the house never gets clean in the summer:  because I'm never inside it to clean it!

We hung out with some neighbors down the street for a while, happily sharing their sunscreen and lemonade until we came back to our own yard and busted out the water toys.  We started out only squirting the driveway and the flowers, but that lasted for about five minutes and before I knew it we were all so wet we had to come in and change clothes.

We walked to get Rose's Express take-out (pizza two nights in a row?  Yes.) and brought it back home to eat before heading BACK OUTSIDE to meet some new across-the-street neighbors and frolic with the next-door ones until we absolutely, positively HAD to come inside and get in the tub.

Tomorrow, there will be school.  There will be thunderstorms and chilly temperatures and hurried breakfast and grocery lists and catechism and cleaning.  But I am just a little sunburned and my feet are just a little dirty right now and today was totally worth it.

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