Friday, April 29, 2011

Good Things, April 2011

Ice cream after a hot, sunny day in the ocean;

 the $2.99 Target floaty that spent hours in the ocean with Jemma and Grandma;

 Skyping with cousins to show off a first lost tooth;

 dyeing Easter eggs;

and creating full-of-sugar Easter treats;

dress rehearsal for tomorrow's spring dance recital;

sunshine and yoga this morning; watching part of the royal wedding of William and Kate this morning with two very curious little girls; brand-new running shoes; an accepted offer on our South Haven house (!); Annie's shockingly good spelling skills; homemade cucumber-mint-basil sodas; an old-school mix CD from a friend, full of The Decemberists and Mumford & Sons, that made a rainy day better; Annie's written declaration that I am a good mom for her "because she smells like me and because our hair matches."


  1. Such great things!

    (And that last one? PRICELESS!)

    Looks like a fabulous trip.

  2. Recipe for the chocolate looking nest, please! Looks fabulous!
    Seems like you are all having some GREAT times!

  3. An accepted offer?!?!? This does not get a post all to itself? I'm so so very happy for you! When is it official?