Monday, January 24, 2011

Three Things, Unrelated

Since the last time I wrote substantively here, a few things have happened.

1.  I had a new article published in Rapid Growth about a lovely yoga program for kids that Annie and Jemma both experienced (and loved).

2.  I had the opportunity to have this conversation in the car with Annie on the way to dance:

Me:  "What happened to the braid I put in your hair this morning?  Remember, your hair needs to be up for dance."
A:  "Charlie said he didn't like it and he took it right out of my hair."
Me:  "What???"
A:  "Yeah, Charlie said how he didn't like my braid, and it looked stupid, and he took it out."
Me, mock-confused, joking, suspicious:  "So, there you were, minding your own business, and Charlie was so furious with your hair that he told you it looked stupid and then came over to you, undid your ponytail holder, and took the braid out himself?"
Annie:  "Moooom!  Yes!"
Me:  "That seems . . . unlikely.   Are you sure that's what happened?"

3.  Jason took the girls up north for the weekend for some Extreme Winter Sports and I stayed here.  Alone.  And mostly, I stayed in the house, because it's hard to get motivated to go out when the temperature is minus-7.  I organized both girls' closets and dressers (and did the annoying Rubbermaid-bin-sorting that goes along with that), went through five years' worth of Bon Appetit and Everyday Food magazines and forced myself to (cringe) rip out the pages of the recipes I truly wanted to keep and throw out the rest, created art bins for the girls' large school art projects, created file boxes for their yearly school pictures and report cards, went to the gym, got a pedicure, got groceries, bought myself some new jeans, got caught up on copywriting, and watched a lot of Food Network.   It wasn't glamorous, but between this weekend's progress and my renewed dedication to using Goodreads, I am well on my way to accomplishing a big chunk of this year's New Year's Resolutions.  (Still dragging my feet on dealing with the photo-uploading, though . . .)

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