Monday, January 17, 2011


Here are some of the things we did this weekend:

It was one fun activity after another, many involving outdoor gear (skates!  skis!) and some indoor fun, too.  Cirque with my family was just as amazing as we had expected it would be, and I love the fact that we've chosen to treat ourselves to an experience rather than buying lots of gift cards for each other at Christmas.

The downside to cramming seven thousand fun activities into a weekend like this is that it just seems to raise the girls' expectations of The Fun Level.  Like yesterday, when I helped in Jemma's Sunday School class, then Jason took the girls ice-skating at the rink our neighbor makes across the street every winter, then we ate a big roast chicken Sunday dinner, then we made marshmallow sculptures with stale mini-marshmallows and toothpicks, then Jason took Annie skiing for the rest of the day while I took Jemma swimming.  Jemma and I walked in the door a little after 5:00 p.m. and before I had even taken off my boots, she turned to me and said, "NOW what can we do?"  Independent Play Ability = Broken.

In other corners of the house, other scribbles were created this weekend, too.  Like this:

Because even though it's the weekend, Jemma's still following us around, adorably asking for "homework" and copying the alphabet Jason's made for her.

Also, this:

Because sometimes I have to get very stern with myself when I sit down to make my to-do lists for the week.

These scribbles - from last week's well-child pediatrician appointments - are photo-worthy simply because they mark the first time that the girls have boosted their weight percentiles above the 10th!  Goes to show that you can live on air, Goldfish, yogurt, and fruit, especially if you're Jemma.

Lastly, the set of writing around here that makes the least sense so far.  It's this old, white legal pad that I'm slowly filling up with sentences, half-thesis statements, questions, and non-linear ideas that might - MIGHT - be the germ of an idea for a book.  The endosperm of the seed of the idea, if you will.  I don't have the first idea how to begin going about such a thing, but the first step, I think, is writing down the ideas when they come to me.  So I have been.

Your turn:  In the comments, scribble down what you think I should write a book about.  Title it, even, and give a brief synopsis (took me three tries to spell synopsis; maybe I shouldn't think about writing a book).  (Narrows eyes, looks at Google Analytics, knows exactly how many people are reading this blog vs. how many are commenting upon it . . .)


  1. I love your blog so - and think a book by you would be delightful. Memoir? Fiction?

  2. What to write a book about seems to be a very BROAD topic. But, I actually think (though I'm not thinking it's on your radar) that a book of essays would be great for you. Shorter stories that are longer than a blog post or article. Maybe some poetry in the mix? Or go all out and write a book (fiction, of course) about in-laws...

  3. I know it's been done, but I think you are good at it (better than most) a life with intention. Maybe parenting with daily life with intention (trips, menu's, finance, etc)...uh..nothing overwhelming or anything. ;)

  4. Hmm, I have been thinking mommy-tinged memoir, but i like the combination of Gina and Sarah's ideas: maybe a book of essays on living and parenting with intention? Thanks for the encouragement!