Thursday, September 23, 2010


On Sunday at church, Annie decided to go into a mild rage of fury because she wanted to play with the felt book that Jemma was playing with, and I would not immediately rip it out of Jemma's hands and give it to her.  Annie slunk off to pout and whimper and throw her hair around a little ways down the pew while I whispered threats and offered other things to do.  At one point, I gave her this blank pad of paper and some crayons and suggested she draw while she waited for Jemma to be finished with her turn.  This is what she did:  scribbled very hard all across a page with a blue crayon, then wrote (in case it isn't clear) "STOPID" in blue crayon, then scribbled hard over that too.

Bonus irony:  This happened right during the "Peace be with you!" "And also with you!" part of church.

Every time I look at it now, I simultaneously want to laugh, cry, and call a child psychologist.

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