Thursday, June 3, 2010

Like Summer Camp, Only Nerdier

I'm leaving in an hour to drive up north and spend the weekend immersed in the Bear River Writer's Workshop. I'm taking Jemma with me, unloading her on the in-laws for a weekend of spoiling, and then proceeding directly to Camp Michigania on the shores of lovely Walloon Lake for what I hope will be a few days of reading, writing, and being inspired by some gifted authors to do some good writing of my own.

I've spent the last day or two packing a little here and there, trying not to forget sunscreen or a great necklace, but the thing that's taking up the most space in my brain is Will I like it? Will I make a friend? Who will I eat my meals with? What will I write about?

I used to go to sleep-away summer camp for a week each summer, and this feels like that, only this time I won't know a single soul there, whereas back then I always went with at least one friend and sometimes a pack. I want to push past this adolescent insecurity and focus on the time - the time! The solace! Nobody needing anything from me! - to think, to write, to dream big dreams for myself about the direction I want the next few years of my writing life to take. I want that, and a friend with whom I can eat lunch.


  1. Looking forward to hearing all about it! I'm glad you're going.

  2. Steph - you will have zero problems making a friend. Learn much, live much - enjoy the glory of being a nerdy writer-type. ENJOY!