Saturday, June 26, 2010


Yesterday and today were two more days in a string of magically rainbow-themed, sunshiney, glorious June days. As you can see, Annie and Jemma wanted to have a lemonade stand in the afternoon (this, after Annie's last morning of soccer camp and a couple hours at the pool, where I let them get Oreo ice cream sandwiches, which made it the luckiest day EVER). I told Annie to make a sign while I hauled the table and chairs out to the front yard, and this is what she came up with. It WAS a great day for a lemonade stand! We didn't sell much lemonade, but we did paint toenails with friends while waiting for customers.

Annie liked soccer much more this time around. Last fall, she'd mostly stand around, do some random hugging, and complain about how she was HOT or TIRED or THIRSTY or HER SHOES HURT. This week, she was in soccer camp with three of her buddies from kindergarten, and when I stayed to watch for a while yesterday, they were actually dribbling the ball downfield with an amount of skill that impressed me. I think she might be hooked.

This morning was the Reed's Lake Run. I headed out the door early to do the 5K with a couple neighbors and loved the gray, overcast skies for the start. We took it easy for the first half, then I sped up for the last mile or so and finished right at the 27-minute mark, feeling like I could have easily gone faster. I went back home, and we gathered the girls up to head to the track so they could participate in the kids' run. We pinned bib numbers to their shirts, led them in a few stretches, and dodged various mascots while we waited for the races to start. This little crew was all set to do the 400; I can only imagine what they were talking about here:

Jemma was sort of . . . pissed at the whole idea this morning. Numerous times last week, when we asked her if she wanted to do the run, she emphatically said yes. But this morning, when it was time to put shoes on and head out the door, she threw a little fit. She didn't like the shirt! Her socks made her feet hot! She was NOT going to run! We sort of ignored it, hoping that she'd see the fun the other kids were having and decide to line up at the start and go for it.

She changed her tune. Ran the whole lap around the track with a big, proud smile on her face, too.

After hitting the post-race party for a while, we headed to Holland for the rest of the day. We were planning to attend my cousin's graduation open house and since it was gorgeous weather, we decided to go a few hours early and spend the afternoon at the beach. It was perfect beach weather and, as a bonus for June, the water was warm(ish!) and just wavy enough that it was fun to jump them. Annie kept swimming all the way out to the buoy and doing somersaults under water (a trick she taught herself this week at the pool), while Jemma was happy just messing around in the sand at the shore.

I really like this photo, mostly because of the way that it captures Jason sleeping in the background - mouth slightly open, old towel covering his body, sunglasses on so as to get a nice raccoon-eye sunburn on his face. Priceless!

We brought two very tired girls home tonight, endured the requisite bathtub screaming meltdowns, and sat on the beach sheet on the front yard, freshly showered, drinking homemade margaritas, and talking about how great of a couple days it had been - for lemonade stands, for sandcastles, for playing frisbee and doing underwater somersaults and running races and playing soccer with friends.

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