Thursday, December 17, 2009

Losing it, Continued

-I agree to get up at 5:37 a.m. to attend horrid Boot Camp class with virtuous "I'm a morning person, I love mornings, I wake up and exercise at the crack of dawn!" neighbor, Sarah. Even better, I had worked out yesterday afternoon (and THAT only happened because I found myself still-unshowered at 3:30 p.m.), so I just go ahead and sleep in those workout clothes, then work out in them again at 6:00 a.m. this morning. I am sure I smelled great at our post-gym Starbucks stop.

-My cell phone rings while I am in the kitchen this morning. I'm standing there, thinking the phone is blending in with the countertop, rummaging around in the bills and papers, moving the espresso machine, but I can't find the phone! I hear it! It's so loud; it's so close; it's gotta be here somewhere!

It's in my back pocket. I figure this out after I miss the call.

-I go to pick Annie up from school a little early so we can make her last dance class of the semester. Her school class is having a party, and Annie is just finishing up making an adorable Rudolph cupcake: chocolate frosting, pretzels for antlers, M&M's for eyes, and a red sucker pushed into the cupcake for a nose. She puts it in a Ziploc baggie so she can take it home. We also grab a baggie of beads and some pipe cleaners for making little wreaths and candy canes because her group ran out of time to do that station.

We walk out to the car, and I'm carrying Jemma because it's icy, and Jemma is yammering on about wearing big-girl undies (she is! It's true! And she has performed both functions on the potty several times, now!) and I'm carrying Annie's backpack plus the cupcake, and Annie's complaining about how deep the snow is on her side of the car, and Jemma's crying because her hands are cold, and I'm trying to strap them both in so we can get to dance on time.

And I briefly set the baggies with the cupcake and the beads on the top of the car while I buckle Jemma.

And then I drive away.

-The girls ask to do a project this afternoon, so I think it will be fun for them to get out the Play-Doh, the rolling pin, and the Christmas cookie cutters. I actually think they will be able to do this fairly independently so I can screw around on the Internet or maybe sneak away for a short nap (see item #1 re: 5:37 a.m. wake-up). Ha ha ha.

I am able to "help" them with this project for approximately 8 minutes. Then I announce that Play-Doh is over and we move on to a similarly creative and tactile experience, i.e. watching the Toot & Puddle Christmas movie on demand.

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