Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Good Things, July 2013

I . . . what . . . where . . . . what happened to this month? I'm just sneaking this edition of "Good Things" in under the wire, and feeling sad that another summer month is over so soon. I'm stiff-arming any mentions of school supplies, soccer practice schedules, or fall clothing and hoping for a solid month of sunshine, adventures, and sleeping in.

I MUST stop making these (I blame Smitten Kitchen, of course).

A festive 4th of July!

Lake Michigan love

Jemma playing "Cuckoo" after a shower

 . . . and burning through The Boxcar Children series.

Green beans from my grandpa's garden (also: bacon).

Memory out on the side porch

The way the play room has become the music room



More (healthier?) Smitten Kitchen: The Wedge Salad
A scorcher of a day, spent at the pool

Catching crickets at nature camp

Late-night sushi

Happy girl at family happy hour


Jemma-made peach-blueberry crisp

an afternoon at the park

underwater "talking"

My talented pianist with her fabulous teacher

An incredible concert

Morning faces like these

Funny Steve Martin at Meijer Gardens

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