Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Good Things, April 2013

First dune hike of the season

Filling cream puffs on Easter with Grandma

Jemma's family

Running and fundraising with a great friend

This one, with her head constantly in a book

This one, with her fingers dancing across the keys

Making Jolly Rancher suckers on a Sunday afternoon

Stinking up the house & setting off the smoke alarm with this yumminess

Sous chef, stirring the risotto 
Irresistible bright pink rain boots

My little daffodils, finally blooming

Showing some speed and tenacity on the field

Little artist #1

Little artist #2


  1. Could Jemma's kittens get any cuter? And, yum. I want that cauliflower now!

    1. Make the cauliflower (maybe on the grill?) - you will not be sorry!