Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Things They Say: Books and Words Edition

Jemma, looking at a reusable Lululemon bag while eating breakfast one morning:

"'Friends are more important than money'? Pshaw!"
Me: " . . . . well, don't you think we care about people more than we care about things?"
Jemma: "No!"
Me: *questioning overall success as parent, person*
Jemma: "Mom, you buy FOOD with money, and you NEED food to LIVE."
Me: "True."


Annie, talking about a book her teacher is reading aloud to the class:

" . . . and then it was time for Spanish, so we had to stop! so I don't know what happens next. He always stops at a really tempting part."


Jemma, scanning the titles of the stack of books on my nightstand:

"Why do you have THIS one?" narrows eyes, points to How to Talk So Kids Will Listen and Listen So Kids Will Talk, which lives permanently on my side of the bed.
Me: "Why do you think I have that one?"
Jemma: "Humph. So you can be BOSSY to us."

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