Thursday, December 20, 2012

Holiday Stats

Number of times I've pre-heated the oven, forgetting that, with our limited pantry space, we're storing Christmas cookies in there so the kittens won't eat them: 4.

Number of plastic items I have melted in this way: 2.

Number of hours I wandered the house today, still in pajamas, covered in glitter, attempting to Wrap All The Presents: 3.

Number of cups of coffee I drank during this process: 3, large.

Number of shortbread cookies I ate during this process: 4.

Number of days this week my presence has been required at school for some type of holiday sing, party, birthday treat, or other volunteer activity: 4.

Number of days we have forgotten to "do" the Advent calendar: pretty much all.

Number of nights I cooked dinner this week: 1.

Number of kegs of beer my brother-in-law is bringing up north for Christmas: 1 (coconut porter - yay!).

Number of days until my five-year-old turns six: 7.

Number of minutes per day the cats attempt to attack the Christmas tree: 5.

Number of times I have driven to Target this month and realized when I got there that I hadn't brought my wallet: 1.

Number of trips to Target this week: 2.

Number of times I left my yoga mat at the studio after class: 1.

Number of times I went to the grocery store on Monday: 3.

Number of Rice Krispie snowmen with licorice scarves Jemma and I made on Monday: 24.

Number of leftover Twizzlers Pull-N-Peels I ate in a two-hour period on Tuesday, frantically trying to finish writing copy on deadline: the rest of the package.

Number of mornings ahead for sitting with coffee in front of the Christmas tree: 5.

Number of my girls holding construction paper candles in a crowded gym, singing about being the lights of the world: 2.

Number of me crying in the stands: 1.

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