Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Good Things, July 2012

At this point in the summer, I feel depleted. And then I feel guilty for feeling depleted, for wishing it away, for failing to take full advantage of every! single! minute! Nine times out of ten, especially during summer, I am in favor of shrugging off the tiredness and the mess to embrace the action and the fun. But that takes its toll, and I honestly wouldn't mind another rainy day or two here and there in the mix for August, days where I can legitimately declare we're "being cozy" for the day: bake, read, play, nap, clean, rest. In looking back at July, I can see why I'm feeling so tired. It's been jam-packed:

::catching minnows

::learning to dive

::sittin' on the dock of the bay

::loving the sunshine on Lake Michigan

::stripping down to undies to splash in the water




::boating on Walloon

::Brandi Carlile at Meijer Gardens on a hot summer night with old friends

::backyard art


::Anthro shopping and sunglass-trying-on

::backyard smores

::boogie boarding

::morning play time

::a piano concert that rocked

::gazpacho for lunch

::a rare unplanned Saturday night

::getting taller by the minute

::post-library book dump


::slushies on a hot afternoon

::family trip to get frozen yogurt with (ahem) interesting toppings

::morning snuggles in our bed

::after-dinner sprinkler action


::cousins for dinner  . . .
 . . . and watching the Olympics together before sleepover bedtime

 . . . and swinging at the park bright and early the next morning

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