Monday, June 27, 2011

Does a weekend get any better than

watching the girls on-stage (together) in their acting debuts at The Civic Theatre (so proud);

celebrating the performance at lunch with my parents downtown;

early-morning Wealthy Street Bakery chocolate croissants fueling all the girls in our family in the Reed's Lake Run (Jemma finishing 4th in the 50-yard dash and running in the 400, too; Annie doing the 400 AND the 800 for an even 3/4 mile, and me adding to my healthy food choices by sandwiching a 10K between croissants and coffee before, then a hot dog and TCBY after.  At 10:30 in the morning.  What?);

a quintessential June day at the beach with friends, ending with the four of us crashing the cottage for the night, ending with late-night hot-tubbing and then me somehow drawing the straw to sleep with the four big kids in the bunk room, wedged in the sandiest bed ever with Jemma;

starting Sunday morning with coffee in an Adirondack chair, my best friend, and the quiet of Lake Michigan while the guys took the kids out for breakfast;

wrapping the weekend up with a road trip with friends to see U2, which people have always told me is magical, iconic, spiritual, and amazing, which it was.

So, does a weekend get much better than that?

No, it does not.  Though today, we are following with an encore of "Here, eat some Cheerios in front of as many morning cartoons as you want to watch, while I try to stay in this bed for as long as possible."

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