Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Two Conversations in the Car

Driving to Jason's office with both girls in the car:

A:  How much longer until we get there?
Me:  Only two more minutes!


A:   . . . fifty-nine, sixty!  That's one minute!  One, two, three . . .
Me:  Uh, well, about two minutes.
A:  You didn't say about!  You said two!
Me:  I know.  But there are stoplights.  See?  We're at a red light now.
A:  I'll pause.


Driving down Wealthy Street with Jemma:

J:  Why is the road so bumpy here?
Me:  Well, it's made of bricks.  Isn't that cool?
J:  Why is it made of bumpy bricks?
Me:  A long time ago, roads were always made of dirt, when there were more horses than cars.  Then people started to use hard things to make the roads, and one of the things they used was bricks.  Most roads are made of hard, smooth things now.
J:  Oh.

*one minute of silence, followed by Jemma's laughter*

Me:  What?
J, still laughing happily:  I was just thinking, What if the road was made OF BANANAS???!!!!

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  1. These are the kinds of things that make me excited to be a mom. :)