Monday, August 30, 2010

Good Things, August 2010

Fireworks over Navy Pier in Chicago;

an amazing night to see Brandi Carlile at Meijer Gardens;

phone chats with cousins and plans to see them soon;

post-dinner swimming at the pool in lieu of baths now that we're back out in the world again; gorgeous sunflowers from the farmer's market on my coffee table; new, healthy baby girls born to two friends; our annual sushi in the front yard by candlelight tradition with dear friends; Annie's excitement about her new first grade teacher (a man!); plans to spend Labor Day weekend up north, hopefully with the chance to check "go fishing" off our Summer List; the ice cream Jason has just gone to get me at Jersey Junction, and the fact that there is nothing on the calendar tomorrow to prevent us from spending the entire day out in the heat and sunshine.

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