Friday, July 30, 2010

Adventures in Camping

After literally days of packing (our dining room looked like a staging area for some type of Red Cross operation, with tents and sleeping bags and bags and bags of food and clothing), we are embarking on the inaugural family camping trip with the girls. Cross your fingers for no rain, poison ivy, bug bites, sunburn, crack-of-dawn wake-ups, or sand in difficult places; send all good thoughts about cooking over an open fire, catching fireflies, biking in the pines, and sleeping snug together in one big tent to our family, c/0 A Campground In the Woods.


  1. Best of luck! Our house looks the same right now, although we're off to a cottage in the woods/on the lake. Enjoy!

  2. I will be interested to read how this goes, since we'd like to attempt it ourselves in the coming years! It makes me a tad nervous but John doesn't understand why. :)