Friday, February 5, 2010

This Week

  • Annie wore this outfit to school, which I completely loved. Her mind at 7:15 a.m.: "Striped long-sleeved shirt, differently-striped short sleeve shirt with sequin peace sign, polka-dot skirt, tights with pink hearts . . . YES."
  • Jason and I embraced our (latent, reluctant, hidden) early-morning persons and routinely got up at 5:30 a.m., him to work, me to work out. We have even started loading the coffee pot at night before bed! What is going on??? We. Are. Exhausted.
  • I published this new post at Bodies in Motivation about embarking on Meatless Mondays, much to Jason's dismay.
  • I bought a new winter hat and gloves because I can't find mine anywhere (though I KNOW they are in this house somewhere!) and the bonus of buying winter gear in February is that the gloves will cost $1.24 and the hat will cost $3.24 at Target.
  • I typed up our Disney Itinerary and actually got out the suitcases and began to set piles of clothes aside. One week from now, I predict I'll be lying awake and remembering One Last Thing to throw in the suitcase.
  • Annie began an obsession with telling time (something she's known how to do for a while now) so that every time we re-enter the house (via the kitchen, where there are two digital clocks), she'll say something like, "It's 3:31! That's 31 minutes after three o'clock. Or one minute after 3:30. Or twenty-nine minutes until four o'clock." It's kind of fascinating, kind of crazy-making.
  • Jemma legitimately beat me at Memory.
  • It took us a full half-hour to walk the four blocks home from school. Picture me pushing the empty jogging stroller and carrying Annie's backpack while the girls (sans snowpants) climb every single snowpile along the way, pretend to fly with pine boughs they've picked up off the ground, and pause to write in the snow with sticks.
  • I saw Jason a grand total of about two hours. If he wasn't at work, he was upstairs, working. I told him, "You're a real grown-up now!"
  • I snuck out for a pedicure at my favorite nail salon, where the women don't speak much English and thus I am happily left to my massage chair and Vogue magazine in peace.
  • I began to hate my Uggs (due to having worn them every day since November) and have taken to wearing them unzipped, like, "These boots are just temporary! I'm going to take them off any second!" Winter can be over now.

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