Saturday, November 21, 2009

(More) Things Jemma Says

While playing Thanksgiving with Annie at the dining room table, Annie instructs her to "stop and say one thing you're thankful for." Jemma folds her hands, closes her eyes, and says, "Dear God, Thank you for treats. Amen."


While I'm tickling her the other morning:

Me: "Mmmmm, may I eat your tiny toes?"

Jemma: "Nooooo!"

Me: "How about your cheeks? Just a bite?"

Jemma: "Nooooooo!"

Me: "Could I eat your little nose?"

Jemma: "Noooooo!"

Me: "Well, I want to eat you up. What can I eat?"

Jemma: "You can eat my blueberry."

Me: "???"

Jemma: "My blueberry." Points to her belly button. "It's in here." It's an outie, obviously.


Jemma: "This is Silly Potty."

Me: "No, Silly PUTTY."

Jemma: "Silly POTTY." Laughs hysterically.

Me: "Listen: Pu- pu - putty."

Jemma: "POTTTTTTTYYYYYY! Ah ha ha ha!!!!!!"

Me: Sigh. Walk away.

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