Tuesday, October 27, 2009

So Far This Morning

Things Annie has cried about:

1. Last night at some point, unbeknownst to us, Annie woke up and decided that, instead of wearing a Pull-Up while she slept, she felt more like wearing underwear. So she changed, fell back asleep, and promptly wet the bed. Jason (God bless him) went in to deal with it at 3:00 a.m. (pulled sheets off, replaced with sleeping bag, put new Pull-Up on), and we were completely low-key about it at breakfast this morning, just mentioning that it was fine to get up and, you know, pee in the toilet in the middle of the night or else, you know, just keep the Pull-Up on. This did not stop Annie from crying about the situation, not really because she felt bad, but because HER UNDERWEAR, THEY GOT ALL WET. And no amount of "But they're in the washing machine right now" could make it better.

2. I asked Annie, "Who do you want to walk you to school, me or Daddy?" "You," she replied. Then, ten minutes later, as we were literally walking down the stairs to the door, she yelled out, "But I want DADDYYYYYYY!" And cried most of the way to school about it.

Things Jemma has cried about this morning:

1. Not wanting Jason to take a shower. This went on for nearly fifteen minutes at the bottom of the stairs while Jason was, indeed, upstairs taking a shower.

2. She asked me for fruit, and I replied that she and Jason had split a pear for part of breakfast. "But a pear isn't fruit!" she said. "Yes, it is." And again with the crying.

3. Not wanting Jason to go to work.

4. Wanting to be "wrapped up in a blanket like a baby and sucking on a bottle."

In a few minutes, we're leaving to pick Annie up early from school and go see Jason at his office for cleanings. I'm sure that's going to be a total party, too.

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